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Celebrating 3th anniversary Pacific Palace hotel this year from the management and staff held a street parade, bringing a “Together Forever” as a theme. I think, we have had sort of this parade on 2007 at that time we were doing for PAC – PAL pre opening (different theme and wish I got still picture of it) and was on motor cycle parade, but this 2010 we did on foot and the staff must wear a sailor outfit, starting from hotel and walk along the main street of Jodoh, Nagoya busy street and back to hotel on the same route.

At the front parade was a blue decorated beautiful lorry on ship shape with three famous iconic cartoons – Popeye, Brutus and (ha ha… I forgot Popeye girl’s friend name), come along behind were the management team on white uniform captain and followed by staffs, mixed from different department on sailor outfit.

The street parade was did on Friday morning, it was really tiring and sweaty since we walked and against the sun hit yet it was fun and lot of joking and laughing, along the way we were yelling and dancing, shout a loud Pacific “yel yel” every time we passed through in front of our competitor. Even though it was short parade overall it was great parade as we are rarely on such togetherness due to hotel busy operation.



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Frequent Question Asked by Guest to Hotel Concierge

One of the most enjoyable things about working as a hotel concierge is that every day presents different challenges – the work is never boring because we never know what people are going to ask. Get ready and prepare, when the guest are approaching and come into to your desk, here are the question that very common ask by the guest.

  • Direction. Very often the Guests may ask both direction within  or the place surrounding the hotel, as a hotel concierge you must be the expert of this typical question. The question can be where is the restaurant near by, sightseeing attraction, store or instruction how to use the public transportation… be continued
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Concierge Section on the Front Office Organization Chart

It is important for concierges to know as much as possible about the organization of their property and its management, it will give you a preview and understanding where you are on Front Office Department.

The front office organization chart may vary and different to one another, it depends on how big are the property and the number of the employee. On the picture below are shown  Front Office Department organization chart a” typical hotel”

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What is Hotel Concierge?

The hotel concierge position plays a crucial role in the daily customer service operation of hotel as and resorts. The word concierge is French in origin and means “keeper of the keys”, and as the keeper the caretaker becomes the point of contact for hotel guests who seek information or assistance during their stay. Taking a look back at the materialization of the concierge position you will find its beginning in medieval France where castle and mansion working a select individual to see to the needs of the household and its guests. Often, the keys to the castle or mansion were entrusted to the caretaker. Over the years the concierge position has evolved into more focused responsibilities making the modern day concierge, in essence, a dream maker.

A hotel concierge position requires an enthusiasm for and an understanding of travel and travel industry. While a degree in hospitality or other related field is often favored and sometimes required, an in-depth knowledge of the hotels local area is essential. The concierge position is often challenging and fast- paced, requiring excellent time management and problem solving skills. On a daily basis the concierge will cooperate with the guest from varied background and walks of life. And therefore a harmonious personality is a must for successful concierge-fluency in one or more foreign languages is also a plus.

Working as hotel concierge means that your focus is to guarantee that the needs and requests of hotel guests are met, and that each guest has an impressive stay. The hotel concierge is anticipated to be an expert on his local area. Guest will approach the concierge with questions, seeking suggestion, and challenging problem resolution. Frequently, concierge will make reservation for restaurants, spas, shows and special events. Requests from guests can vary from arranging transportation or providing direction to even the most peculiar seemingly impossible outing. The concierge must make an attempt to develop relationships with local business owners and VIPs in order to facilitate fulfillment of her guests’ requests.

Often the concierge becomes the face of the hotel for many guests, which means that look and demeanor are of utmost importance. The concierge desk acts as the center for guest activity planning, which means that the guests’ hotel experience depends on the concierge’s information and prompt attention. Many business and VIP travelers depend profoundly on the concierge, making the position respected and highly regarded.

Don’t presume that the job description for a hotel concierge is set in stone, as concierge receives a vast collection of request and is expected to make even the impossible and unusual happen. While in may seem that concierge would be a great basis for gossip, the opposite is true as the concierge is expected to uphold confidentially. The concierge is not a front desk agent and does not get hotel reservations. In some cases the concierge is accountable for managing a section of the hotel’s front end staff, so contrary to popular observation the concierge does not work alone.

Author : Lorent Yadeski

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Hotel Concierge Responsibilities

As  Hotel concierge, you will be responsible for greeting guests, welcoming them to your facility, and assisting them throughout their stay. If you want to work as a concierge, you need to be flexible and accommodating. You have to be knowledgeable about the venue where you work and the surrounding area. You need to know what the facility can offer to your customers in any number of special circumstances and be able to make recommendations based on their needs.

Detail responsibilities are shown below :

  • Communication Responsibilities: Communicating with the customer is often the first responsibility of the concierge. This includes speaking to them over the phone and in person. The concierge is the go to person for any of the customer’s needs and questions. Good communication skills are vitally important.
  • Educate the Guest: The concierge also provides all the information that guests needs to enjoy their stay. This may include providing information on the facilities available and the services able to be booked. It may also include providing information on travel routes, available tours, schedules for outings and transportation availability.
  • Gather Information: Often, the concierge has a wide range of pamphlets and brochures available for guests. The concierge will hand these out as needed. The concierge may make recommendations about activities that suit the guest. They will need to have a full understanding of the events to educate the guest. In addition, concierges often have maps to provide guests with travel information. They need to be familiar with the surrounding area, as guests will often ask for recommendations and directions.
  • Handle Bookings: The concierge may handle bookings for special shows for guests. Concierges often help with obtaining tickets, setting appointments, and making reservations for guests as needed. This is especially true in high end facilities and those that cater to business travelers.

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