Posted by: edwinpribadi | April 9, 2011

Handling Guest Group Luggage

On the arrival of group guest with such a huge amount number of luggage, sometimes as a concierge

is difficult to handle, we are worrying if any luggage lost or damage.

And why is this task important to you and our guest?

  1. We must provide a prompt and accurate luggage service to our group guests.
  2. Safety is one the most important issues to our guest, we must make sure their luggage’s safety.
  3. Increase guest satisfaction.
  4. Demonstrate professionalism.

Here below is the SOP how to handle guest group luggage:



Group arrival When group arrives at the hotel, the doorman should direct the coach so that it does not block the main entrance.

Bus Coaches must park on the street in front of the hotel entrance

Doorman will great guest and escort them to the lobby, Guest service manager will escort our guest to the group check in area.Handle luggageDesignated bellmen and doorman should unload the luggage and place them in neat lines adjacent to the entrance.

Luggage will never be stored in the hotel lobby.

To ensure all luggages is kept together luggage net must be used.

The chief concierge must confirm the number of luggage items with the tour leader and driver.Tag LuggageBellmen should have group rooming list, luggage tags and a pen.

Using the rooming list, the bellmen will apply tags, marked with the appropriate room number to the luggage.Deliver luggageLuggage is loaded onto trolleys as per floor, for delivery.

Deliver the luggage to the guests’ room according to the group rooming list.

Bellmen are to return the rooming list to the chief concierge after the delivery.Group departureThe chief concierge must confirm the Luggage collection time with the tour leader.

The chief concierge will note the departure date / time and luggage collection time on the group rooming list.

The group rooming list must be attached to the group file.

One day prior to group departure, the group departure report needs to be printed out and luggage slips are then prepared.Collect luggageBellmen must collect all luggages from the floor outside on departing guest rooms and lost it onto the trolleys.

Bring the luggage to the lobby to wait departure.

Luggage will be placed straight into the group coach or in neat lines covered with net, in the appropriate area and waiting for further instruction.

At least one bellboy will be responsible for the safety of the luggage in the lobby.Hand over LuggageLoad all luggages into the coach.

The chief concierge must confirm the quantity and condition of the luggage with the tour leader before departure.


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