Posted by: edwinpribadi | February 22, 2011

Wendit Recreational Park

Finally I had a chance on my 2nd weeks here on my short vacation visiting Wendit, It has been very a long time, I never visit this place,some facilities are improving. It’s needed Rp.10.000 for entrance fee and Rp.17.500  additional charge if you like to enjoy the water boom, overall It is worth and at reasonable price.

Wendit in the past renowned with the tame monkeys, free living on the Wendit forest, inhibit in all trees if you lucky you might see some of them until now.

This place is located in Mangliawan village, sub region of Pakis, about 8 km from Malang, East java. Wendit recreational park now provide varies of attraction, the huge swimming pool and lake where kids and parents can ride a fancy boat are still the main of the attraction, restaurant with local taste, kid play ground and souvenir shops are also available, furthermore Wendit now days has been develop to attract more visitor, Spa and a modern water boom is two facilities that made Wendit is worth to visit. In my though still need more improvement if this place want become a leading recreational park defeated others recreational park which already establish and has well management like Jatim park and Batu Night Spectacular in Batu.

According to Wendid attendant, in special day or special event (usually on public holiday), very often the management held special event by arrange an entertainment, inviting famous local actress-They will perform on open stage and sing on dangdut orchestra.

If you and your family are planning on short budget vacation and too lazy go out of town then this place are worth it to visit…

The lake

Spa pond

"THE BUTO" Wendid main gate

Wendit the real inhibitans


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