Posted by: edwinpribadi | February 14, 2011

On Tea Plantation Wonosari – Lawang

Hmm, this time holiday haven’t got much really to do, the weather not even let me out further from my house, dark cloudy in the morning and follow by a heavy rain all day long….

Spent mostly just sat in front TV, ate my mom homemade snack and kept on eye of three my naughty nephew…(sometimes could make me really crazy seeing them fighting each others.,)

Finally on Sundays or on my fifth days here….The weather still on cloudy mood but can stand for me to go somewhere, Letting this heavy mind out…,

Want play tennis......

The scene is awesome

I was going to Tea plantation garden, It is only 30 minutes drive away from Lawang….Renown for its picturesque tea garden landscape, jade and green tea leaf on mount Arjuno slope, the historical charm of this region will definitely get you buzzed off life ….so peace full, cool and refresh ….

"Flying Fox" This must try

Roasted sweet corn..would u like some?

Horse riding only 10.000 IDR

Stunning scenery

Green jewel...



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