Posted by: edwinpribadi | January 13, 2011

Replying with good writing English expression on guest complaint

English language is always interested me, especially English writing. Currently I discovered some English expression that very useful for hotel management or staff to reply and response accordingly to guest complaint. In some occasion hotel management feels the need to respond to guest comment,
they feel truly sorry that the quality of the stay did not match with the guest’s expectations and the hotel management feel however the need to justify regarding some points.

I found this expression from hotelier forum some of them are used to reply a negative comment on This English expression has made good sense understanding in replying negative guest comment; it has very deep meaning, precise and polite.

Here are some expressions that you can use:

  • I am sorry for all this inconveniences that have been caused to you during your stay here. I foresee that we probably will not be able to satisfy your needs and since I do not wish to ruin your holiday may i suggest another hotel that may be able to look after your better.
  • The delays to have the rooms ready:
    As much as we understand the disappointment in waiting for the room, we do our utmost to find the best product to every of our guests. Sometimes getting a larger room takes a bit more time, but it is always done in the spirit to optimize the guest’s whishes at best.
    Unfortunately this time of the year being the busiest in ….., we do not have very much flexibility to upgrade most guests.
  • The room size:
    We also feel very sorry that the guests found our rooms small. We do advertise our room sizes on our website, and have never pretended to have very large room sizes. They are however very practical and the space are optimized at its best. Being located in a 19th century building, all our rooms differ in sizes, but it is also part of the charm of a boutique hotel.
    Although yes, we are a boutique hotel located in the golden triangle, and therefore have sizes matching with the standards of any luxury hotels in the same area.
    We have created intimate and trendy atmosphere, and are proud to advertise it.
  • We do not wish to comment any further about the personal comments made towards the management. We feel that we did the utmost to accommodate the guests at best, and know therefore that our duty was accomplished. We are however sorry that the guests did not acknowledge it.
  • The lack of information from Front Office Attendants:
    Most of our staff have been working with us for a long time. We keep regular and happy co-workers who are professional and willing to always do their best. We have however hired several trainees and new co-workers due to the level of occupancy. Even though all information might take time to be gathered to everyone, we acknowledge these weaknesses, but learning and training takes time if one wants to do it properly.

To summarize, Hotel management feel that they are always hearing with great attention any customers’ comments. Sometimes however, one gets a better idea by hearing both points of views.
They would be of course delighted to discuss further any complaints or comments and will be happy to assist any disappointed customer to renew their experience with them in order to demonstrate their willing to serve them in the best way we always do.




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