Posted by: edwinpribadi | November 1, 2010

What is Hotel Concierge?

The hotel concierge position plays a crucial role in the daily customer service operation of hotel as and resorts. The word concierge is French in origin and means “keeper of the keys”, and as the keeper the caretaker becomes the point of contact for hotel guests who seek information or assistance during their stay. Taking a look back at the materialization of the concierge position you will find its beginning in medieval France where castle and mansion working a select individual to see to the needs of the household and its guests. Often, the keys to the castle or mansion were entrusted to the caretaker. Over the years the concierge position has evolved into more focused responsibilities making the modern day concierge, in essence, a dream maker.

A hotel concierge position requires an enthusiasm for and an understanding of travel and travel industry. While a degree in hospitality or other related field is often favored and sometimes required, an in-depth knowledge of the hotels local area is essential. The concierge position is often challenging and fast- paced, requiring excellent time management and problem solving skills. On a daily basis the concierge will cooperate with the guest from varied background and walks of life. And therefore a harmonious personality is a must for successful concierge-fluency in one or more foreign languages is also a plus.

Working as hotel concierge means that your focus is to guarantee that the needs and requests of hotel guests are met, and that each guest has an impressive stay. The hotel concierge is anticipated to be an expert on his local area. Guest will approach the concierge with questions, seeking suggestion, and challenging problem resolution. Frequently, concierge will make reservation for restaurants, spas, shows and special events. Requests from guests can vary from arranging transportation or providing direction to even the most peculiar seemingly impossible outing. The concierge must make an attempt to develop relationships with local business owners and VIPs in order to facilitate fulfillment of her guests’ requests.

Often the concierge becomes the face of the hotel for many guests, which means that look and demeanor are of utmost importance. The concierge desk acts as the center for guest activity planning, which means that the guests’ hotel experience depends on the concierge’s information and prompt attention. Many business and VIP travelers depend profoundly on the concierge, making the position respected and highly regarded.

Don’t presume that the job description for a hotel concierge is set in stone, as concierge receives a vast collection of request and is expected to make even the impossible and unusual happen. While in may seem that concierge would be a great basis for gossip, the opposite is true as the concierge is expected to uphold confidentially. The concierge is not a front desk agent and does not get hotel reservations. In some cases the concierge is accountable for managing a section of the hotel’s front end staff, so contrary to popular observation the concierge does not work alone.

Author : Lorent Yadeski


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