Posted by: edwinpribadi | October 31, 2010

Hotel Concierge Responsibilities

As  Hotel concierge, you will be responsible for greeting guests, welcoming them to your facility, and assisting them throughout their stay. If you want to work as a concierge, you need to be flexible and accommodating. You have to be knowledgeable about the venue where you work and the surrounding area. You need to know what the facility can offer to your customers in any number of special circumstances and be able to make recommendations based on their needs.

Detail responsibilities are shown below :

  • Communication Responsibilities: Communicating with the customer is often the first responsibility of the concierge. This includes speaking to them over the phone and in person. The concierge is the go to person for any of the customer’s needs and questions. Good communication skills are vitally important.
  • Educate the Guest: The concierge also provides all the information that guests needs to enjoy their stay. This may include providing information on the facilities available and the services able to be booked. It may also include providing information on travel routes, available tours, schedules for outings and transportation availability.
  • Gather Information: Often, the concierge has a wide range of pamphlets and brochures available for guests. The concierge will hand these out as needed. The concierge may make recommendations about activities that suit the guest. They will need to have a full understanding of the events to educate the guest. In addition, concierges often have maps to provide guests with travel information. They need to be familiar with the surrounding area, as guests will often ask for recommendations and directions.
  • Handle Bookings: The concierge may handle bookings for special shows for guests. Concierges often help with obtaining tickets, setting appointments, and making reservations for guests as needed. This is especially true in high end facilities and those that cater to business travelers.

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